sâmbătă, 8 noiembrie 2008

Minte-ma, in gura ma-tii, ca te mint si eu !

  • I lie. I know. But I lie better than most people do. Including you.
  • I cheat. I know. At least I don’t try to hard to hide it.
  • I fuck up a lot. I know. But that just means I’m used to not expecting too much.
  • I don’t listen to anybody. I know. That’s just another way of saying I have a mind of my own.
  • I don’t think before I act. I know. But everything I do is exactly what I want it to be.
  • I don’t like most people. I know. At least I don’t surround myself with idiots.
  • I’ve done a lot of things you’d never do. I know. That just means I have more balls than you do.
  • I have a special way of thinking about life. I know. It’s just a consequence of the fact that I belong to the 10% of the world’s population that isn’t influenced by what new color is “posh”.
  • I have a lot more friends and acquaintances than any normal person should have. I know. It’s just that I’m popular [gen ]
  • 99% of my friends are guys. I know. So? Just deal with the fact that I’m not a lesbian.
  • “Love” is a concept as strange to me as the reproductive system of a snail is to a 5 year old. I know. That’ just because admiration is a much more noble feeling.
  • I know a lot of stuff that I probably shouldn’t. I know. But I also am a stranger to a whole bunch of things I should know like the back of my hand.
  • I want things that are humanly unachievable in a lifetime. I know. What’s wrong with having dreams?
  • I did outrageous things at an unholy small age. I know. But that’s what made me who I am today.
  • I don’t easily trust people. I know. It’s because I live with myself everyday.
  • I have multiple personalities and I’m not afraid to show them. I know. Sometimes it’s better to be different around different people.
  • I give “crazy” and “spontaneous” a whole new meaning. I know. I prefer crazy than build by the same pattern as 20.000 other people.
  • I can go from extremely happy to out-of-my-mind crazy 3 times a minute, for no reason at all. I know. The exercise keeps me in shape.
  • I have voices in my head that speak in Spanish and expect of me to make the impossible possible. I know. And I listen to them because I like my everyday challenge to be as hard as it can.
  • I have an awkward relationship with my cousin, I like holding his hand. Doing his nails and controlling every aspect of his social like. I know. It’s a part of my plan to eventually change his sexual orientation.
  • I have a funky and distorted perception of reality. I know. And I’m prepared to deal with that for as long as I have to.

The question is : ARE YOU?

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