luni, 29 decembrie 2008

3 iulie 2008

Nu vorbiti cu mine azi. Mushc.

Si mushc acid, cu satira, ironie, sarcasm si tot ceea ce tine de umor inteligent. Pentru k is atat d deshteapta k stiu c inseamna ‘aware’ si ‘rooky’ si am aflat cum se zice ‘pistil’ in engleza. Nu ca ar importa, avand in vedere k viitorul si cariera mea se bazeaza pe franceza in proportie de 99,98%. Moving on.

The rest of this post will be in English. Mostly. And we’re keeping the topic : the experience of today and a short glimpse in the future [ my future to be exact]. At the suggestion of my fellow blogger : daca viatza o sa’mi intoarca spatele , yo o sa’i pun mana pe cur [ da, iti dau copyright ]. This being said , we can look towards my job. 4 hours a day , the money is indirectly proportional with the volume of work and yes, I have to speak in French. Only in French. Like it? I do. Next.

Today was a day. Like any other beautiful day of my gorgeous life. [nici yo n’o cred p’asta but I pinched myself and I assure you, it wasn’t a dream ]. Everything was right there where I needed it, all the stupid people I wanted to make fun of were just sitting there just waiting for me and I didn’t even drop my phone in the sink again and neither of my fingers lost their virginity[ at least not the ones that still have it..can't remember wich ones those are..but anyway ]. It’s great to have a swell day once in a while.

But my imaginary friend thinks it’s just a phase. I really hope he’s wrong. Witch is not possible. He’s always right. I hate him for that. But, as usual, I was being me and I didn’t listen to him. Why be difficult , when with a bit of effort, you can be impossible? That’s our motto for today children.

And remember, God must love stupid people, he made so many of them !!!

Update : acum k mi’a fost amintita ancestrala idée cu park incepe sa sune din ce in c mai bn. Way to go. Astept respectiva persoana pentru inceperea afacerii. Dispun de drugstore free of charge. Astept investitor, chimist profesionist k stoners & co fac rost numa dak intru prin fatza blocului d vis-à-vis.[ it’s good to be smart and to have your interest on top of your priority list , isn’t it? ]


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